Tubeless MTB 5L

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Tubeless MTB 5L grezzy+

Tubeless sealant liquid for MTB tires with maximum pressures of 3.5bar (50.76psi).

It is effective against a puncture or crack of up to 6mm in any mountain tire compatible with a tubeless system, regardless of the tire width, allowing minimal pressure loss from the puncture to its sealing. Suitable for MTB, gravel, e-bike, tubular fat-bike tires, tubes and scooters.

  • No need to repair the tire after proper sealing
  • Thanks to its polyethylene nanoparticles, it achieves a quick and effective seal.
  • Easy splash cleanup
  • Does not contain natural latex
  • Does not contain ammonia
  • CO2 compatible
  • Biodegradable

Its innovative formula developed with highly effective polymer sealing technology prevents the formation of lumps or sediment inside the tire, always keeping the product in a liquid state and ready to act at any time, achieving a very fast and long-lasting seal, avoiding this way any type of manual tire repair.

Instructions for use : Apply the amount of product specified in the table (according to measurements) inside the tire, either through the valve once the core has been removed, or directly by de-beading the tire and re-beading after application.

It is advisable to review and replace the entire amount of sealant every 2 months to ensure effectiveness against punctures or, replace half of the measure after a visible puncture has been sealed.

Shake before using.

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