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ROAD Tubeless 500ml

ROAD Tubeless 500ml

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Tubeless liquid sealant specifically formulated to be fast and effective against a puncture or crack of up to 8mm, in any MTB tire compatible with tubeless system, be it 26”, 27”, 29”, gravel, e -bike or fatbike , allowing a minimum loss of pressure from the puncture to its sealing.

Its innovative formula developed with highly effective polymer sealing technology prevents the formation of lumps or sediment inside the tire, always keeping the product in a liquid state and ready to act at any time, achieving a very fast and long-lasting seal, avoiding this way any type of manual tire repair.

How to use: Apply the amount of product specified in the table (according to measurements) inside the tire, either through the valve once the shell has been removed, or directly by breaking the bead on the tire and beading again after application.

It is advisable to replace the entire amount of sealant every 3-4 months to ensure effectiveness against punctures, or replace half the measure after a visible puncture has been sealed.

cover type quantity ml
26” 60-80ml
27” 70-90ml
29” 80-100ml
gravel 70-90ml
e-bike 100-120ml
fat bike 170-200ml

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