Slider Formula 30ml grezzy+

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This inert compound lubricant specially developed for shock absorbers, forks and telescopic seat posts manages to care for and maintain perfect lubrication in seals and dust covers, preventing them from drying out or blocking over time.
Thanks to its anti-friction properties, it provides extra slip and smoothness on the bars, also protecting them from abrasion. After its correct application, it achieves an exceptional softness and touch, also thanks to the low surface tension that characterizes it, it penetrates the seals and dust covers, providing the exact point of lubricity, and preventing dirt from adhering, forming lumps or excesses around the edges. the bars extending their life.

Instructions for use: Carefully apply a few drops to the shock absorber fork or telescopic seat post, observe that it penetrates and is distributed correctly over the entire surface of the dust cover or seal, you can also use a small clean brush or similar to help the lubricant is distributed evenly, once this is done let it dry or remove the excess in case of excessive application.