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Dry lubricant formulated from a base of waxes and PTFE. Thanks to its composition, the result is a totally clean lubricant that almost completely minimizes residue and is effective in dry and wet conditions. After its correct application, a film is formed throughout the transmission that is capable of reducing friction, smoothing changes and extending its life.

How to use: Before the first application, it is recommended to completely clean the chain and transmission with the help of our "drivetrain" degreaser to ensure that there is no trace of another lubricant. Next, apply "hyperlube" link by link to also ensure penetration inside them. It is important to apply a generous amount since it is the first lubrication after leaving the transmission completely dry and without any type of lubricant. Next, rotate the transmission to favor a homogeneous distribution throughout the entire transmission and allow it to dry for at least 4-5 hours.

From the first application and after each ride, it is recommended to gently clean the chain with the help of a dry cloth or paper and reapply "hyperlube", but this time, it is enough to apply only a thin thread of wax on the chain. chain to reinforce lubrication and let dry.