Hydrofinish Formula 500ml (Pack)

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Hydrofinish Formula 500ml grezzy+


With Hyndrofinish you achieve the perfect finish of your bicycle after each wash or simply after each ride. Moisturizes the plastic or rubber parts of any component of the bicycle or e-bike such as battery covers, tires, vinyl, hoses, gaskets... Cleans and protects paints and varnishes with matte or gloss finishes and enhances their colors, it can also disguise and minimize Swirls (micro-scratches) can even be applied to suspension and shock absorber bars to improve their smoothness and feel.

How to use:

Spray hydrofinish directly on the surface to be treated, then rub with a microfiber cloth or any soft textile to remove excess and help the penetration and absorption of the product.

*Do not use on brake tracks, discs or brake pads and avoid splashing or spraying these parts. If this happens, apply our SupremeCleaner product and clean immediately with the help of a clean, dry cloth. Keep away from heat sources, flammable. *