Drivetrain Formula 500ml grezzy+

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Powerful and effective degreaser developed with our innovative formula based on surfactant components of a non-ionic nature that is capable of easily and effectively dissolving all types of mineral or synthetic lubricants, waxes and greases.

It is completely innocuous and inoffensive with any part of the bicycle or surface to be cleaned, since it has been specifically developed to remove only greasy remains.

How to use: Apply "drivetrain" all over the transmission and areas that may have dirt or traces of lubricants and leave to act for a few seconds. If there are traces of excess lubricant or dirt mixed with lubricant, it is advisable to use a plastic brush or similar to carry out a more thorough cleaning and thus achieve optimal results. In the event that the dirt is normal from use, a sponge or similar can be used to degrease the transmission and achieve the best results.

Once the dirt is dissolved and removed, we can proceed to rinse with water and dry to leave the transmission ready for new lubrication.