Oil PowerGraphene 500ml

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High performance oil-based lubricant and additive with 100% pure nano graphene in combination with hydrocarbons and Teflon

Oil PowerGraphene is a relatively clean ceramic lubricating oil, which is capable of significantly reducing the coefficient of friction, optimizing the rider's wattage delivery to the transmission.

One of its main characteristics is the smoothness provided by 100% pure nanographene, filling in the irregularities of the chain and components at the molecular level, forming a totally smooth layer between them to reduce friction and minimize friction, which at the same time lengthens the durability of the lubricant in the transmission and components.

After a correct application, the lubricant tends to remain remarkably dry in the transmission without being as clean as a wax, but considerably reducing the attraction and adhesion of dust, however, it maintains the lubricating properties of an oil in terms of durability, softness and water repellency.

Valid for all types of weather conditions and suitable for any type of MTB, Road, Gravel, e-bike...

How to use:

Apply the lubricant for the first time on the completely clean and dry transmission, apply a fine thread of lubricant on the inside of the chain while it is rotated from the connecting rods, it is recommended to raise and lower sprockets to favor the homogeneous distribution of the lubricant and the penetration inside the bolts at least in its first application, then dry the excess of the chain with a clean cloth or paper.

Shake before using.