Supreme Cleaner 500ml (Pack)

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High power degreasing and descaling cleaner with fast evaporation for different uses. Thanks to its cannula, you can reach parts that are difficult to access or focus its spray power for specific uses. It is compatible with most plastics, rubbers, varnishes and paints.

Recommended Uses:

Brake cleaner: Spray directly on brake discs and pads to remove any contaminants, then rub and dry with a dry paper or clean cloth. Reduces squeaks and enhances braking power.

Transmission degreaser: spray directly on the part or parts of the transmission that you want to degrease, thanks to the power of the spray and its formula with high degreasing power, the dirt dissolves and thanks to its rapid evaporation it achieves a perfect finish without residues .

Cleaner and degreaser for the interior of bottles and suspension bars.

Cleaner and degreaser for bearings, joints, dust covers and different mechanical parts

It can help loosen or soften mechanical parts or stuck parts.

Displaces moisture thanks to its spray power and rapid evaporation.

Shake before using