Tubeless Rim Bottom

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Rim tape for Tubeless systems, made of a very resistant, thin and malleable material that allows perfect sealing and adhesion to the rim with just one turn of tape. Each roll is 50 meters

After a correct installation, a complete sealing of the rim is achieved, in addition, this type of rim tape is very durable and does not react or detach when it comes into contact with the sealing liquids, it also adapts perfectly to the shapes of the rim at all times. and when the correct tape width is selected, for this we have up to 5 different types of tape widths, which are 22, 25, 27, 31, 35, in this way we are able to cover all existing tire widths, whether they are road, gravel, mountain or e-bike.

How to use : Clean the rim and the surface where we are going to stick the tape with isopropyl alcohol or similar. Next, we install the tape on the rim by first gluing about 15cm and stretching the tape until completing one turn, adding about 5 or 10cm that we will stick on the first turn, it is important to install the tape keeping a high tension on it, in this way we help so that it adapts perfectly to the shapes of the rim and can adhere better.

At the end of its assembly, it is important to round off the corners of the final end of the tape with scissors, in order to prevent it from coming off prematurely.