We make sure to use materials that are safe for both
for cyclists and for the environment. We work with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability and supply us with components and materials that meet the strictest standards of quality and environmental responsibility. This allows us to offer products free of toxic substances and materials that are harmful to human health and the ecosystem.


One of our main objectives is to minimize the negative impact on the environment at each stage of the production and distribution of our products. From material selection to packaging and shipping, we strive to choose options that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


We strive to minimize waste generated during the manufacturing process. We implement measures to reduce material waste and maximize the use of resources. Likewise, we are constantly looking for ways to recycle or reuse the waste that is generated, thus contributing
to the circular economy and preventing waste from ending up in landfills or in the environment.


We encourage responsible use of our products and promote sustainable maintenance practices. We provide detailed information on how to use our products safely and efficiently,
encouraging our customers to keep their bikes in good condition and prolong their useful life. A well-cared-for bike not only offers optimal performance, but also reduces the need for frequent component replacement, which in turn decreases the demand for new products and the associated waste.